YesYou Can

Big Hair, Not Helmet Hair...

Yes, You Can!

Batiste gives women the power to grab life by the hair and style it any way they want.To live life at a hundred miles an hour and still look gorgeous at a moments notice. From working late to hot date... Yes You Can! Looking half decent at morning Pilates... Yes You Can!

With Batiste you can say yes to life's spontaneous moments and style them out with confidence. One day you'll realize that those impromptu moments make the best memories.

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YesYou Can


Roll out of bed and into a meeting….Yes You Can! From muddy pit to muddy fit….Yes You Can! Batiste Dry Shampoo let’s you style out life’s spontaneous moments and come out smelling of roses... or fresh or floral. With Batiste Dry Shampoo in your hands you’re ready for anything. Well almost.


YesYou Can


Introducing the greatest new invention since the selfie stick.

Batiste Stylist! The new styling range from Batiste. The power to effortlessly style dry hair and look flawless for any occasion. Tame that Frizz...Yes You Can! XXL Volume…Yes You Can! Texturizing Spray… Yes You Can!